Panel Perspectives: What HCPs Think of Qualitative Market Research

We recently surveyed 250 of our Panelists to determine what they thought of qualitative market research. Here’s the full infographic. And here are some of the highpoints: What’s the Participation Rate Our HCPs are active across both qual and quant methodologies, with 84% saying they would participate in phone research.

Moving In-person Research to Remote Research: 5 Upsides

In the new normal, we hear a lot of talk about minimizing risk – making trade-offs between potential exposure and living life (professionally and personally). For HCPs, this could mean seeing patients, but not participating in in-person research. Though the steep decline of in-person research may be disconcerting for researchers, there are upsides to remote […]

Got homework?

If your qual project requires interview assignments, then check out Reckner’s QualEDGE. With QualEDGE, we put your assignments online, saving you from getting bogged down in paper processing. QualEDGE streamlines your prep and organizes your reporting, so you can focus on your research. QualEDGE also works for healthcare professionals. There are fewer homework reminders and […]