Operations Update

We are operating as usual. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the following steps: 1. Our staff has transitioned to working remotely until further notice.2. We have worked with our clients and rescheduled or reworked all in-person testing. With the exception of in-person research, we do not anticipate any disruption in service […]

Introducing Admin Access for Long Term Care Facilities & Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Hospitals. Surgery Centers. Long Term Care. . .The life sciences industry is changing, and conducting market research with administrators in these practice settings is increasingly critical in understanding the pharma and medical device marketplace. Through extensive panel outreach efforts, our Administration and Leadership Panel has expanded to include more than 260,000 administrator across these settings: […]

Introducing Reckner’s Respondent SustainabilitySM

As we prepare for a new decade of healthcare recruiting, we continually ask ourselves “how can we positively impact the future of healthcare MR?” For us, the answer lies in Respondent SustainabilitySM. Similar to environmental sustainability which emphasizes the importance of taking steps now to reverse negative consequences in the future, Reckner’s Respondent SustainabilitySM is […]